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Buy a SSTP VPN account for extra security or when PPTP doesn't work

SSTP is the latest in VPN technology, it is developed by Microsoft and works on Windows Vista and Windows 7 only.

Banana VPN was one of the first to offer this type of VPN and now we offer it on two UK servers, one in Germany and one in Canada.

Our new SSTP accounts use port 443(HTTPS) to bypass all proxies and firewall that block normal PPTP vpn. Perfect for cruise ships, universities and countries like Belize and Oman. If you would like to have an IP address in the USA, UK, Germany or Canada or access blocked sites then this new plan is also perfect for you!

Easy to install - Hard to block!

Benefits of using a SSTP VPN service:

  • Provides better security and anonymity than regular vpn
  • Bypass firewall and proxies that block VPN but don't block 'https'
  • Uses SSL certificate based strong encryption (128bit)
  • Uses HTTPS port 443(this is never blocked on networks)
  • Harder to detect - Harder to block
  • Hide your real IP address
  • We give you a new IP and up to 100mbit server speed
  • Accounts also supports PPTP and L2TP/IPSEC
  • Secure connection between your PC and the Internet (2048bit)
  • Use Skype, Yahoo and Google Talk in Middle East and Asia
  • Visit censored or blocked sites
  • Your office/university cannot monitor your activities
  • Access poker/gambling/adult sites anonymously from anywhere!
  • P2P and other illegal usage it not allowed. Filesharing ports, protocols and sites are blocked.

“This type to VPN worked where other types were blocked, i used on it on a cruise ship in the Caribbean to call with Skype and it just worked!” - Jeffrey G, Miami

How does it work?

To use our new SSTP service you will need a Windows PC running Vista or Windows 7. When setting up the VPN simply Select (SSTP) as Network type.

When you are connected there will be a secure tunnel between your pc and our server. This tunnel can pass through almost all firewalls and proxies because it uses the HTTPS protocol like your web browser.

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Buy now
$14.99/Month or $100/Year



Payment page is 100% secure and full refund available within 3-5 days. We perform detailed fraud checks on some orders and may request a copy of your ID/credit card to confirm your order. Accounts are create automatically after purchase.


Latest News

28-Mar-2014 Added Server in France

14-Dec-2012 SSTP service added to USA (Dallas) server

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