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Order an OpenVPN account now for networks that block PPTP

Get an Openvpn (SSL) account today and bypass internet restrictions and proxies and secure your PC on public WiFi! We have servers in many countries including the UK, USA and China.

This SSL based vpn service is a little different than the normal PPTP accounts and requires the user to download and install the Openvpn client software. We provide a pre-configured installation file for Windows PCs with every new account. For MACs, Linux and other operating system we also provide the Openvpn configuration file (.ovpn) which you may use with any Openvpn compatible software such as Tunneblick (for Mac) or KVpnc (for Linux/KDE) or Gopenvpn (Linux/Gnome).

Main benefits of our UK SSL VPN:

  • Uses SSL certificate based encryption
  • Uses port 443(this is never blocked on networks)
  • Harder to detect - Harder to block
  • Works on networks that block PPTP or IPSEC VPN
  • 128bit encryption!
  • Fast UK Linux server with 100Mbit connection
  • Shared static UK/USA IP
  • Secure and anonymous internet access
  • Instant download of pre-configured OpenVPN software for Windows
  • Bypass proxies and unblock websites
  • No limits on uploads or downloads
  • P2P and other illegal usage it not allowed. Filesharing ports, protocols and sites are blocked.

Buy now
$14.99/Month or $100/Year



If you don't know what OpenVPN is please click here to order a normal PPTP based VPN account. They do basically the same thing but in a different way.

Our OpenVPN service is mainly for those more advanced users who want better security and need to use it on networks that block normal VPN and some in countries like Belize and Oman and University networks with strong firewalls.

OpenVPN will also work better on MACs that have problems connecting to our Windows based PPTP servers.





Latest News

28-Mar-2014 Added Server in France

14-Dec-2012 SSTP service added to USA (Dallas) server

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