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Countries and ISPs that block or censor internet access

While our service can be used from ANY country and provides a secure and anonymous way to access the internet, many people use a VPN account to visit sites that have been censorsed or blocked in their country. Here is a short list of such countries and ISPs:

  • Guyana blocks VOIP and Skype and all types of VPN. So this service will not work for you.
  • Belize Telecommunications Limited (BTL) are blocking VoIP providers such as Vonage and Skype and many others. In fact BTL went so far as to block Google Talk, MSN Messenger and Yahoo! IM because they also offered voice as well as text chat.
  • Pakistan regularly blocks Skype and other Instant Messengers as well as the major Porn sites like XnXX.
  • Cyprus bans access to casino and gamling related sites.
  • Cable & Wireless is a UK-based ISP who also have a network of companies with services in the Caribbean. They are known to be blocking, voice over IP calls originating from or terminating on their network.
  • Telmex, a Mexican ISP is activily making it harder to make calls with Vonage, Skype, DialPad and Net2Phone among other VoIP services.
  • Brasil Telecom, is blocking VoIP traffic using network management software called NarusInsight purchased from US-based Narus. Brasil Telecom chose the software so that they could regulate IP telephony within Brazil and stop revenue loss due to VoIP.
  • Etisalat, has been well documented as an ISP that does not like VoIP and Skype and now blocked Viber too. While there had been reports that telecom regulations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi were about to be relaxed to allow VoIP, people in Dubai are still unable to use Skype, Vonage or any other Voice over IP service provider.
  • Qtel in Qatar has also followed the path of Etisalat and bans VOIP and other censored other sites.
  • Kuwait (Qualitynet), Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Oman also block access to sites and internet services.
  • Omantel in Oman blocks skype.
  • The Chinese government have banned unregulated VoIP until 2008, because of the threat posed by VoIP providers to the local telcos. Skype is available for computer - computer calls only. Bypass the great firewall here.
  • Turkey is blocking YouTube at the moment. Use a VPN account to access it.
  • Singapore (Singtel), South Korea, Paraguay and Pakistan (Cybernet, PCCW, PTA, PIE, Flag Telecom) also block Skype and VOIP.
  • Thailand and Vietman also block sites like Youtube, online gaming and news or political sites.
  • In Malayisa the following ISPs enforce throttlng and port blocking: Streamyx, TMnut.
  • Uzbekistan, opposition websites and sites that report on real conditions in the country are banned. Among them,,,, but also international ones like and
  • Belarus has started blocking political oposition websites and logging all internet activity
  • Saudi Arabia, any content which authorities deem to be pornographic or "morally reprehensible"

Other countries that block websites include Bahrain, Oman (They block skype), Pakistan and Brazil.


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